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Neu West Berlin´s layout is inter-cultural. As a live display,  Neu West Berlin combines multi-lingual creative talents, working insights, music, film, theatre, food, art, technology, science, history and experience.

Neu West Berlin frequently hosts exhibition formats, workshops and events on a non-profit basis. We promote community participation and creative exchange.

Neu West Berlin also created Floinc, a high professional restaurant interface for our clients. At Floinc we cooperate hand In hand with sophisticated partners to present, introduce and push your ideas forward.

Furthermore Neu West Berlin is holding the biggest collection of artifacts of the former Cold War sectors border- the Berlin Wall. Since 1989 we are working in a procedural dialogue with international partners to commemorate, mediate and alter the unique political and socio-cultural layout of Berlin. The T- and L -shaped Berlin Wall pieces are symbols of a sustainable peaceful transformation process. The Berlin Wall pieces encourage and confront spectators worldwide with historical reality and initiate cultural exchange.


So far we replaced original Berlin Wall artifacts in over 40 countries, including Iceland, USA, Italy, South Africa, Jamaica, Singapore and the Vatican. This physical network of historical Berlin Wall artifacts spreading from the german capital into the world, instigates a global and constantly growing cultural exchange


Neu West Berlin is an art initiative which was founded in 2005 and has transformed to a symbol of contemporary cultural consciousness and a growing movement ever since. The name refers to the era of West Berlin as a socio-political and cultural experimental ground during the Cold War.

Our facilities are an open interface – interested party-initiatives contact us below.

You find frequent updates from Neu West Berlin on www.facebook.de/neuwestberlin