CT::SWaM #3
Neu West Berlin
July 3 @ 8:00 pm

CT::SWaM presents: 

Jeff Donaldson (audio-visual live glitch) 
Maria Chavez (solo turntable) 
Andrew Lafkas (double bass) + Daniel Neumann (electronics) + Bruno Palazzo (electronics) 

The evening will conclude with a quintet in which all the artists will be performing together.

Maria Chavez (US) – http://mariachavez.org
Jeff Donaldson (US) – http://notendo.com
Andrew Lafkas (US) – http://www.sacredrealism.org/andrewlafkas
Daniel Neumann (US/GER) – http://danielneumann.org
Bruno Palazzo (BRA) – http://coletor.org/en/acoes/bruno-palazzo-som-sobre-nada-sound-on-nothing



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